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am 05.09.2015
Roger...of course & Aaron,Ian,Bryan and Kevin: UNFORGETABLE, your concert yesterday in the Siegerlandhalle in Siegen. For me it was a "dream-come-true", I've seen your Montreal-DVD...again and again, because "It's a kind of Magic" what can you do with the people. But this time, only about 10 meters away from you, the first time that I had the chance to see you live: GREAT, UNBELIEVABLE&UNFORGETABLE...'had to fight with my tears when I heard your voice! You and your music are a very important and indispensable part of my life, from youth until today. For me you and your voice are the BEST medicine in hard times today...'need it every single day in my life. All my best wishes to you, your family and the boys in the band!!! HP from Bergheim/near Cologne

Norbertaus Köln
am 04.09.2015
Roger Hodgson Concert in Cologne on the 1st of September 2015.
Visited previous concert in Cologne and sometime before in Leipzig.
This time with a great band....all in all better than ever before.

am 03.09.2015
Big Thanx for that absolutely beautiful and magical concert on 2015-09-01 in Cologne.

It was such a big dream that came true for me!

Thank you again Dear Roger and Band!

Bless you and yours!

Stefanie aka Stef_ ♥

Detlefaus Wuppertal
am 03.09.2015
Hi Roger,
Long, Long time ago and now I remember what I have forgotten: my youth was accompanied with your Songs. What a pleasure and imotion to hear your Songs again with your wonderful voice. It is not a shame, but my eyes were wet when Hearing e.g fools.
Many, many thanks Detlef (Age 63)

Henry Wimmeraus Elsdorf
am 01.09.2015
What a day

I went whistling out the door,
I want music – more and more,
And I will get it – this is great,
in the evening – not too late.

The raining is falling – and I know,
that autumn comes – but for this show,
at Cologne – I do not need,
burning sunshine – yes, indeed.

Roger Hodgson – Supertramp.
I let him know – that I will send,
the best of wishes – that´s the clou,
oh, I´m looking forward to.

I´ve seen him often – all the time,
enjoyed this feeling – it was mine.
I´ve heard his voice – since I was young,
and still it means a lot of fun.

Music live? – Oh yes, I´m sure,
every time – I go on tour,
wherever, I will find a gig,
I be a part – decide it quick.

Cologne and Dortmund, Munich, Kiel,
Düsseldorf – I´m there, it´s real.
Maybe, that I´m crazy – well.
Ask my wife – I think, she tells.

Roger Hodgson – Supertramp,
he comes – together with his band.
They will show us, what it means,
to love, their music – and their dreams.

„He takes the long way“ – mine is short,
my family is there – on board.
The friends escort us – oh, that´s good.
It is, how it must be – and should.

He sings of „School“ – he is a star.
Sings „Breakfast in America“.
Sings „Dreamer“ – maybe, he means me?
It´s great – there is no „Jeopardy“.

He tells us „Give a little bit“,
what a music – oh, what hit.
Perhaps we hear – my heart is wide,
of this moments „Even…quiet“.

I have no choice – this music live,
Means for me – and for my wife,
such a overwhelming part,
from the beginning – from the start.

Maybe rain? – I think, we´ll see.
The greatest fun today will be,
If he sings – “It rains again”.
Oh, this life – it is a game.
Henry Wimmer September, 1st, 2015

Sandra kupferaus Bornheim
am 31.08.2015
Wir lieben deine Musik 😍freuen uns dich morgen wieder life in Köln zu hören ,es ist nun das 10 Konzert was wir live mit erleben und es wird nicht das letzte sein .Unser Lied von dir ist definitiv The logical Song .Sandra und Marc

Jörgaus Lippstadt
am 31.08.2015
Endlich ein Wiedersehen mit Roger nachdem ich in den Siebzigern ein Supertramp Konzert in Dortmund besucht hatte.Phenomenal,die Zeit ist stehengeblieben,war bestimmt nicht das letzte Konzert das ich besucht habe.Danke.danke für einen unvergeslichen Abend.

Martina Hasenederaus Nürnberg, Germany
am 26.08.2015
Thank you so much for your music. Your songs make my heart dance, makes me cry and makes my body jumping, smiling, feeling so many emotions.
I am very happy for seeing you live twice.

Michaaus Diez
am 25.08.2015
Seit 40 Jahren bin ich nun schon Fan von Supertramp und Rodger Hodgson. Diese Musik berührt mich immer wieder. Ich freue mich so sehr auf das Konzert am Freitag, 04.09.2015 in Siegen. Roger, wir kommen! :-)

Freiberger, Jürgenaus 74613 Öhringen
am 01.08.2015
Vielen Dank für einen super bezaubernden, verzaubernden Abend auf der Kapfenburg.
Vielen Dank Roger und deinen 4 exzellenten

LG Isolde und Jürgen

wolfgang fuchsaus lauchheim
am 31.07.2015
thank´s Roger and thank´s to your musicians...
a great show which shows your open heart in this world...i would like all mankind should have this feelings...god bless you and the whole stuff which is with you...

Thomasaus Weißenburg
am 31.07.2015
Was soll ich sagen, stehe noch immer unter dem Eindruck des gestrigen Konzertes im Bergwaldtheater in Weißenburg. Ich bin ein Konzerterfahrener Mitfünfziger und habe schon viele tolle Auftritte großer Künstler gesehen, aber was Roger und Band hier ablieferte war allererste Sahne. Der etwas kühle Sommerabend war schnell vergessen, denn die Stimmung und Atmosphäre machte dies schnell wett. Danke für dieses Erlebnis, das mir noch lange in Erinnerung bleiben wird!

Steffiaus Treuchtlingen
am 30.07.2015
Five great musicians made my day. Thank you for a famous evening. There's no other way than to love you. Hope to see or hear you again ❤️

Kurt + Maria Lehnertaus 86368 Gersthofen
am 29.07.2015
Hallo Roger mit Band,

nur noch 2 Tage! Dann ist es wieder so weit. Wir freuen uns auf einen unvergesslichen Abend beim Konzert auf Schloß Kapfenburg.

Liebe Grüße
Kurt + Maria Lehnert

Marionaus Switzerland
am 22.06.2015
Thank you so much dear Roger for a wonderful Concert at the Rock of the Ring in Switzerland...it was too short but the best! You are a great Singer and a wonderful musician! I wish you all the best...take care of you!! Lovely wishes from Marion

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