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Michaelaaus Poing
am 21.06.2015
Dear Roger!I'm looking forward to your concert in Munich next Wednesday! Your songs just make me happy and I Hope that there is a chance to get a dedication from you!!!! See you :)

Johanna and Jose Luisaus Germany
am 19.06.2015
Congratulations Roger for the stunning performance in Weinheim,
We really enjoyed your music

Michaelaus Hameln
am 06.05.2015
Lieber Roger, wir haben dich in Bremen besucht und waren sehr begeistert. Nun werden wir zu unserem Hochzeitstag, 10 Jahre verheiratet, dein Konzert in Siegen besuchen. Deine Musik verbindet viel Liebe in uns, deshalb ist das der richtige Ort um diesen besonderen Tag zu feiern !

am 23.03.2015
A few days after your birthday I send you best whishes and all the best! See you in Merkers...

Martinaaus Bremen
am 21.03.2015
Dear Roger!

I would like to congratulate you to your Birthday and wish you all the Best;Love,good Luck and stay
allways healthy!

Roger,you make my Day,everyday!
Couldn't say,how much I love your Falsetto Voice!

On February,the 1st in 2015,you came with your Partner Aaron Mac Donald to a Concert in the
Musical Theatre in Bremen.

This Evening with you both was the best concert in my live!
I've seen so many concerts,but this one stop's my Breath!

You are so down to Earth,so friendly,so happily,so
joyfuĺly,soo beautiful!!!!!

I've seen you so many times with Supertramp,but this
evening was so unbelievable!

I bow my Head for you! CHAPEAU!!!!!

Please, come back to Bremen! Don't forget Aaron!

I was so impressed about the Women, who came from Porto Allegre to Bremen to see you!
A few days later, you told us, she had a very complicate Operation.I forget her Name, maybe
I hope, she's fine now! I prayed for her!

So, I will come to an End and say, that I will see you again in September, 5th, in Lingen.

Every evening I hear " Hai Hai ", for one or second times.I love it!
Could you please sing one Song from this Album?
I love " Right Place " soo much!
Would like to see Aaron play the mouth-organ!
He's so sweet and friendly, too.

So now let's swing and dance, join your Birthday Party, join the Summer and take good care of you!
All the Best to you and your whole Family!

Your German Fans love you soo much and were waiting
so longing for your Return in June!

All the Best to you with Love from Martina

Werner Moogaus 56751 Polch / Germany
am 21.03.2015
Happy Birthday dear Roger!
All the best, health and happiness to you! Thank you for sharing and giving so much with and to people all around the world. Your music is fantastic, your concerts are so wonderful, your good heart and kindness are so well. I met you backstage in 2008 in Leverkusen / Germany and it was an adventure, that I never forget. I try to meet you in Cologne after the concert in 2012, but I had no chance. So I try it again this year in Cologne (09.01.) after your the concert. I can´t wait to see you again and listen to you very fantastic music! Much love and a good party today!

Lovely greetings and best wishes to you


am 21.03.2015

Auch mein größter Wunsch wäre ein Reunion von Supertramp mit Roger wieder als Frontmann. "Live in Montreal" zeigt, dass er der wahre "Mister Supertramp" ist. Ansonsten bite, bitte ein neues Studioalbum.

Kurt + Maria Lehnertaus 86368 Gersthofen
am 21.03.2015

Wir wünschen Dir alles Gute zu Deinem heutigen Geburtstag, viel Gesundheit und dass Du uns mit Deinen Liedern noch viele Jahre Freude bereitest.

Freuen uns auf ein Wiedersehen am 31.07.2015 auf Schloß Kapfenburg.

Kurt + Maria Lehnert

PS: Haben uns gestern die CD "Even in the quietest Moments" gekauft, obwohl wir sie schon seit 1977 als LP besitzen. Dieses Lied gehört zu einem der Lieblingslieder meiner Frau, wie auch Hungry.

Uweaus Bremen
am 23.02.2015
Das Konzert, am 01 Feb. im Musical theater in Bremen war very Nice!.
Es war mal wieder richtig klasse von Roger.
er hat eine perfekte performinz geleistet!

danke danke danke
& komm irgendwann wieder nach bremen :)


magnus Dominik
am 10.02.2015
Hi Roger
Mein Vater War Anfang der 80er Jahre bei euch auf einem Supertramp concert
Und er wie ich wollen das ihr und
Rick DAVIES, John Helliwell, Dougie Thomsen, bob Siebenberg wieder zusammen Musik macht . Wir wollen euch nochmal LIVE Sehen das ist der größte Wunsch von uns !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ãœberleg
Dir es bitte

John Tannahill
am 02.02.2015
Hi Roger, I was at your concert in Bremen 01.02.2015 with my wife. Good to hear that you are still going strong after so many years in the Business. The concert brought back memories of when I was a Young soldier serving in Germany, myself and quite a few of my friends enjoyed listening to your Music which was often played in the local disco's. I still possess a Cassette tape "Even in the quietest moments" from 1977! Keep singing - best wishes , John and Catherine.

Marioaus Oyten bei Bremen
am 01.02.2015
Hi Rodger,

just back at home from the concert in the Musical Theatre in Bremen, I'd like to say thank you for this amazing concert!
Your songs are as bright as they were in my youth. And I'm feeling glad to be a part of two enchanting hours of musical inspriation and performance.

Take care!

Elisabethaus Celerina, Switzerland
am 30.01.2015
Dear Roger Hodgson, what a great "small" concert at the Badrutts Palace St. Moritz tonight, everybody in the livingroom enjoyed to listen to your music. Compliments also to your partner Erin - big show!!! Sounded like at least 7 Persons in concert... Thank you for coming. Elisabeth & Donald

Barbaraaus Adliswil
am 28.01.2015
i was in the konzert 26.01 15 in Zürich.
Thank you for this beautiful evening! : )

Rolf Irnigeraus Switzerland, Emmetten
am 27.01.2015
Dear Roger
It's unbelievable. When I first saw Supertramp in 1977 - that was in Basel, Switzerland - it was my first concert evert ever I could see in a "foreign" town. Yesterday, so many years later, I had another chance to see you again and enjoy your wonderful music, performed with a fantastic band. Thank you for all these tunes you've written. They went directly to my heart and were part of me for such a long time... probably forever!
All the best!

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