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am 31.08.2013
Hallo ,
Waren gestern in Sögel... Einfach ein Super Konzert mit einigen Schönheitzfehlern.
1.Der Veranstalter hat sich wohl etwas verschätzt mit der Menge der Besucher. Wenn man 19.30 Uhr schon sagen muss, dass Sprite und Alster ausverkauft sind ist dieses schon traurig.
2. Nach dem die Stimmung ihren ersten Höhepunkt hatte und die Fans von den Stühlen sprangen, hiess es..... 20 min Pause.
3. Nach der Pause dauert es somit erst einmal, bis alle wieder Voll Ydabei waren.
kurze Zeit später hieß es .... Ende.
Eine Zugabe mit 2 Liedern und das war's !!!!

Fazit, wenn die zweite Halbzeit genauso gewesen wäre und keine Pause gemacht worden wäre ,wäre es ein 1a Konzert gewesen.

Janaus Haren
am 31.08.2013
Hallo Roger
War bei deinen Konzerten in Osnabrück und
Sögel.Es waren super Konzerte.
Auch dein Kolege Aron mit seinen Instrumenten
war super.

am 31.08.2013
Dear Roger,
me and my mum just saw your concert in Sögel yesterday. I still can´t believe how small the stage and the whole town was, but it was really great!
And I wanted to say thank you, because you congratulated my mum to her 50th birthday. Too bad it was the wrong song (I asked for "Give a little bit" and you did it with "Dreamer"), but nevertheless it was the biggest surprise ever for her. You even invited her to come up on stage, but she didn´t dare to come up. Now she regrets it of course.. =)
If the cogratulations would have worked without a mistake it would have been perfect, but in spite of the little mistake with the wrong song it was a great concert, thank you, we will be there if you´ll ever be back in Sögel! =)
Best wishes,

Claudiaaus Oldenburg
am 31.08.2013
Sögel: ♫ thank you Roger, for such a wonderfull Concert ♫ It was incredible ♫
Ich durfte 3m von dir entfernt vor der Bühne stehen und es war einer der schönsten Momente in meinem Leben!
Du bist mein "Jesus on earth". Deine Musik, deine Stimme, deine Texte berühren meine Seele seit über 30 Jahren. You are always on my side! ♫☼Claudia☼♫

Nicolasaus Berlin
am 31.08.2013
Hi Roger ,

yesterday afternoon we started in Berlin to see you in Sögel and went back the same night. 12 hours+ driving for hearing you plus your lovely band for 2 hours. Believe it or not it was was worth every minute of the drive. I had the chance to stand in the first row after "Dreamer" and I was so touched! Brought back all the old memories with my first girlfriend!
What a night, the songs from yesterday are all with me today and I hope tomorrow and the day after and...
Thanks for taking all the efforts whilst traveling to give us live back these memories in a spirit of love and having fun during the performance.
Hope to see you 2014 maybe a bit closer to Berlin. :-)



Heineraus Cloppenburg
am 31.08.2013
Vielen Dank für einen wunderbaren Abend.

Der Hümmling hat gestern Abend ein bemerkenswertes Konzert erlebt. Bemerkenswert weil in Sögel eine Location gefunden wurde, die passte, weil das Wetter uns einen schönen Spätsommerabend gönnte und weil wir von Rodger Hodgson eine Konzert geboten bekamen, das am Perfektion, aber vor allen Dingen an musikalischer Qualität seinesgleichen gesucht hat.
Ein in sich ruhender Perfektionist, der seine Lieder und Klanggemälde mit Hingabe und Freude präsentierte, begleitet von erstklassigen Bandmitgliedern, die uns einen Abend in die Erinnerung gebrannt haben, an der wir sehr lange Freude haben werden.
Looking to see you next time!

Marionaus Deutschland
am 31.08.2013
Hey Rodger, Thank you sooo much for the amazing show in my small hometown "Sögel" You were fantastic!!!! This was one of the best concerts I ever have had!! Good luck and many success for the rest of your tour. God bless you and all the best for you.

Mathiasaus Bochum
am 30.08.2013
Thank You for a great Konzert at Zeltfestivial Bochum

Bettinaaus Hattingen
am 30.08.2013
Dear Rodger and Band,
I'm just coming from your extraordinary concert in Bochum Zeltfestival. It was so great and I'm still singing and smiling and i know it will last for the next weeks!You touched my heart with your frinedly mind and your songs.Thank you and best wishes for you and your boys.

Christophaus D Hagen
am 20.08.2013
Hi, das letzte Konzert haben wir in Melbourne in Skt. Bilds gesehen. Toller Abend - Danke!! Nun freuen wir uns auf Bochum am 29.08. , mein Geburtstag😊. Also gib alles👍.

Philaus Switzerland
am 06.08.2013
Hey Rodger, just saw the Stuttgart Jazz Open Concert with Orchestra on 3SAT here. It was wonderful!!! I loved hearing and watching Hide in Your Shell, A Soapbox Opera, Lovers in the Wind, Even in the Quietest Moments among all the others.
Great and unforgettable. Keep it ip!

Raphaela Mohraus Grenzach-Wyhlen
am 23.07.2013
Dear Roger,
almost 2 weeks are over since your amazing concert in Schopfheim/Germany and it still sounds inside me...
That`s the reason why I decide to write:
to say THANK YOU for creating all these wonderful songs, for all the joy and the positive energy they give.
The fact that I had to sit in a whellchair that night because of a knee-injury a few weeks before brought me next to the stage what I really enjoyed ! It`s been anyway a moment in my life from which I never expected it would ever happen: to see and listen to you life. Even the courtyard-like atmosphere of that location made your concert unforgetable to me...
After reading your letter about the Paris DVD I`ve been quite surprised about the going-ons. I do understand and share your dissapointment and your anger but I hope so much for you (as much as for any songwriter in this world) that finally the right will be on your side!
I´m very impressed by your courageous and honest decision to get in distance to the music industry with all its negative belongings and that you didn`t sell your convictions to any music business what obviously doesn`t respect your motivation. To stand up for the own convictions in this crazy world inbetween all the different influences might be the most difficult challenge for all of us. I can only admire you for doing this!
So again I want to say thank you for your great music which lasts since generations -what says a lot about its quality. Your fantastic songs accompany the ups and downs of my life since I´ve been a child and they touch me deeply. Most I like the quiet once like "Know who you are", "Lord is it mine" and "Even in the quietest moments"...
I hope you will be able to continue travelling around the world with your concerts for many years bringing your joy and friendliness to us...
I´m looking forward to see you and listen to you again.
Take care and - whereever you go - God may protect you

with love,

Gitteaus Düsseldorf
am 14.07.2013
Rodger, I've seen you today at the Bospop Festival and you really made my day. Saw you 34 years ago with Breakfast in America at the age of 14 and toda I had to cry as Supertramp has been the most impprtant band for me!!! Thousand kisses for such a concert! Blue sky, perfect weather and in love with my husband who wears a necklace with: You are the reason I was born... One of my favourite songs of you!

Maria+Kurt Lehnertaus 86368 Gersthofen
am 09.07.2013
Hallo Roger mit Band!

Vielen Dank für das wunderschöne Konzert in Deiner "alten Heimat". Mit Supertramp begann alles in München und endete auch in München. Nun konnten wir Dich/Euch bereits zum zweiten Mal auf dem Tollwood-Festival genießen. Tolle Lieder, super Stimmung, rundum ein gelungener Abend. Bis hoffentlich, nächstes Jahr in Bayern.

Maria + Kurt Lehnert

Edwin Kimmleraus Deutschland
am 08.07.2013
Lieber Roger! Herzlichen Dank für ein fantastisches Konzert gestern in München auf dem "Tollwood-Festival"! Nun habe ich Dich zum 3. Mal live gehört und es ist immer wieder mitreißend! Ãœbrigens: mindestens genau so toll ist es, wenn Du "nur" im Duo mit Deinem kongenialen Partner spielst und singst! Sorry für Deine früheren Bandkollegen aber DU bist Supertramp! Ganz klar! Tausend Dank! Edwin Kimmler

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