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Reinhard Petrikaus 53474 Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler/Germany
am 29.06.2014
Dear Roger,
thank you very much for your famous concert last Tuesday in Lierge, Belgium. It has been the fourth time I've visited one of your concerts and I enjoy it every time. I grow up with your music and your music is still accompanying me on my daily way to work, sitting in the car and hearing your songs by CD. I know it's very difficult to choose the best songs for a concert, because they are all very good and I like them all, but I had been missing your song 'don't leave me now' and 'soap box opera'. Maybe next time. I hope you will stay by good health and will enjoy your fans for a long time with your fantastic songs moving our hearts. May the Lord bless you. Greetings to you and also to Aaron Macdonald and the whole band. I'm living in Germany near Cologne and I hope to see you again, maybe next year. Since I've heard you last year in Paris it would be even more great to hear you in the States in New York. If you will give a concert in New York, please let me know. All the best to you Reinhard Petrik

am 21.03.2014
Happy Birthday Roger!
All the best, health and happiness to you!
Thank you for sharing and giving so much with and to people all around the world...your music, your feelings, your good heart and kindness. Can´t wait to see you again!
Much love and a BIG hug!

Kurt und Maria Lehnertaus Gersthofen
am 21.03.2014
Hallo Roger,

wir wnschen Dir zu Deinem heutigen Geburtstag alles Gute, vor allem Gesundheit.

Wir wnschen und hoffen, dass wir Dich nchstes Jahr wieder in Bayern bei einem Konzert sehen und hren!!!

Kurt + Maria

Angelaaus Deutschland
am 08.03.2014
Lieber Roger,
ich bin mit Deiner wundervollen Musik aufgewachsen und heute gehe ich mit meinem erwachsenen Sohn in Deine Konzerte ... Danke fr die vielen schnen Erinnerungen, die ich mit deiner Musik verbinde darf!!!


SUSIaus Hille
am 21.01.2014
Hallo Roger,

ich habe eben den Konzertbericht vom 23.7.2010 in Hemer von KATRIN RIECHE gelesen.
Ich war auch dabei und mu sagen, ich htte es nicht besser Beschreiben knnen.

Ich htte gerne Kontakt zu KATRIN RIECHE, also Katrin wenn Du dies liest, la Dir sagen: SPITZE, SUPER, KLASSE... und Du findest mich bei FB=Su si

Lieber Roger,
Dir mchte ich Danken fr:
... SUPER Konzerte
... Spitzen Musik
und ich wnsche Dir alles Gute und
ganz viel Gesundheit,
so das Du den Menschen noch lange
Deine Musik Live vorspielen kannst.

Liebe Gre auch an Linda und
dem Rest Deiner Band.


Armin Mlleraus Westerwald
am 13.01.2014
Hi Roger,
As Time goes by!
I still remember Summer 78, beging in Italy, falled in Love with
a nice girl, listening to your wonderful Music .
Today -married since 31,5 years,5 adult Kids , let me say
Thank you for your Music .

W.Kerschneraus Hamburg
am 31.12.2013
Hallo Roger

Ich habe heute auf 3Sat dein Konzert in Paris gesehen. Es war einfach groartig! Ihr seid wirklich groartige Musiker gewesen oder seit es noch. ich weis nicht, ob es heute solche Leute noch gibt. Es einfach ein Unding das mit dem Erbe dieser Band so ein Schindluder getrieben wird. Mir scheint das neben dem Rosenkrieg bei Pink Floyd euer Rosenkrieg mit der schlimmste ist den ich kenne. Ich werde mit Sicherheit diese DVD nicht kaufen. Ich wrde mich ber neu Songs von Dir freuen.
Ungeachtet allem es war ganz groe Musik. Mach weiter.

Wieland, Hamburg Deutschland

Ralph Schmidaus Winterthur Schweiz)
am 25.12.2013
Hi Roger - ich wnsche dir schne Weihnachten
L.G. (Interalpen-Ralph) Das Interalpen Hotel in Telfs-Buchen (Austria) feiert im September 2015 das 30 Jahr Jubilum vielleicht wird du dann gebucht ???

Volkwin Muelleraus Detmold
am 26.11.2013
Dear Roger,
as a Songwriter I was playing your song "Give a little bit" for many years. A special highlight with your song was a benefiz-concert for Haiti I was invited to. I told the people that we just need a little love in the world and that we have to open up our hearts to help other people. It was a big success and the helping organisation was collecting a lot of money. I was of course playing for free. I gave my best and hope that I was representing the spirit of your song in a good and positive way.
Thanks for your lifetime inspiration!
My best regards

Dorothea Ringaus MÃœNCHEN
am 04.11.2013
Hey Roger,

it was beginning of July that you have been here.. Thought about writting you all the time but it takes me a long time to write sometimes..
Time is passing so fast while I'm thinking and thinking.. endless, you know.

Anyway I wish and I'm waiting for your next concert here in Mnchen (or maybe Vienna? my daughter is living there) and to go there again (leave my dogs alone and go to your concert)
Else I never leave my dogs alone.
I love dogs and can't live without them.
By the way one of my dogs is singing.. almost Pavarotti.. He is coming from Romania, Transilvania.

He was very lucky. I rescued him a year ago amd compared to today it was easy to. Today you risk your life when you save a street- or wild dog there.

Anyway I'm still thinking and living from the 7th of July, you here at Tollwood..

"Death and the zoo".. there is another possibility Gut Aiderbichl..if you are lucky. Michael can't take every animal and got 5.000 now (over 660 horses).
Check it: www.Gut-Aiderbichl.com

This man, the owner Michael Aufhauser is a friend of mine since many years.

If YOU want to go there and be his guest, just tell me and I call him..
You will love it. I guess you like animals as much as I do, don't you?
You would not write a song like you did if you would not..
For me this is the most important thing.

Waiting for your next showing up here or in Vienna

Yours Dorothea & two a-ooh boyz

Enrico Drassaus Neckarsulm
am 31.10.2013
Hab das tolle Konzert bei den Jazz Open in Stuttgart gesehen....war so fasziniert. Sie sind ein sehr anspruchsvoller Knstler mit anspruchsvoller Musik.

Liebe Gre

Enrico Drass

Klaus Handschuh
am 20.09.2013
Dear Roger,
please give us some new songs of you. Live or studio doesn't matter. Your songs still remain rich, great and beautiful. There is no reason to stop them playing. But please let us come together to listen to some new songs. And please don't be afraid: We don't expect new evergreens or top hits.
Your voice is helping us to come through ....

Michaelaus Sgel
am 04.09.2013
Das war sehr gut in Sgel, ihr drft wiederkommen!

Elke Banderaus 52355 Dren
am 02.09.2013
Dear Roger,

it is so long since, that I see you in Paris.
I was 11 Years old and I never forgot this moment.
You putting a smile on another person's face and this makes the day worthwhile.

Thank you for the nice evening in Sgel :-)

Elke and Arndt

Marion Susanneaus Vechta
am 01.09.2013
Dear Roger,

first I say thank you for your great music.

It was the third time at Sgel I enjoyed one of your concerts. It´s always a wonderful event. To see you live on stage or listen to your CDs brings light and "joie de vivre" in the often stressful daily life. I hope to see you again live on stage.

All the best for you and your band. Take good care of yourself...

Marion Susanne

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